Monthly Archives: September 2012

The goodbyes


As time rushes at the speed of light, the ‘goodbyes’ come along with their bittersweet taste. On the one hand we couldn’t be happier and excited about the move but on the other hand it will be sad to be leaving some friends behind, to not have the chance to allow for some friendships to blossom and grow and also to be leaving behind a great work environment.

This week I have already been surprised by an unexpected farewell gift from some colleagues at work. I felt touched and their kind words warmed my heart. It is good to know that you’ve influenced things positively and it is great to feel appreciated and valued. At the same time, it is sad to be leaving a project in which you have invested time and energy and to say goodbye to people who you’ve come to understand and relate to.

This was the first of many goodbyes that await me in the next month and I am starting to realise that it is going to be harder than I anticipated… Tonight, I will be dining with my team from work and even though I bet it will be lots of fun it brings home the message that in two weeks I will be leaving and I will not be seeing them in a long time. We are a team of 5 in total and we have a great bound. I can’t imagine a better group of people to work with every day and they definitely made it easier for me to get out of bed on many cold and grey mornings.

Thanks to email, Skype and Facebook we can now keep in touch. I know from experience that a lot of people wont but, luckily, I also know that the best ones will continue to be in my life and continue to share my successes and failures from a distance that is nothing more than physical. I know that even though I will be living on the other side of the world some will come to visit and we’ll continue to run into each other. Life itself will make sure of that!


Why do we hoard so much stuff?!


Every time I start packing for a move I swear I will not do it again anytime soon. Obviously, this is an empty promise as this will be the fifth move in 6 years! And the third international one (first inter-continental though!)!

Whenever you need to pack your life into small cardboard boxes there is always a feeling of desperation. Why, oh why, do we keep so much stuff? I am not one to bother about expensive items but I do get attached emotionally to some material things. The bookmark that I bought in that funky bookshop, the chest that took me ages to fit in my old car and bring home, the little dish where I keep my nespresso capsules that was given to me by my auntie, and, most of all, my books…..

With a move of this magnitude we have to be conscious of volume, weight and space and therefore there is a lot of stuff that will have to be left behind. It is quite liberating to get rid of the old because this is a way to make room for the new in one’s life. But at the same time it is also tricky for me to be getting rid of some of the things that I have lived with for so long.

We have arranged for the shipping of some our stuff and I am feeling anxious. I need to start packing and that means that I need to commence with the reducing and recycling. We are selling our furniture and so far we have actually ensured that our favourites pieces are going to our friends’ new house, which is really nice. I am also planning to give away some stuff to charity and to friends as well.

All this requires lots of organising and sorting out and I confess that my mind races at night with thoughts about the littlest of things. Because Australia is so strict on what you can actually bring to the country we have to take note of exactly everything that we pack and need to be aware of any harmless though prohibited items, such as wicker.

I can’t believe it than in a bit over a month my life will be again dispersed in several boxes travelling steadily along the Indian Ocean 😀

Plane ticket – Check!


Once the flight is booked you know that there is no turning back 🙂 All the rest must be organised, resolved and ready to go by the departure date. It is sort of like an expire date: when the clock hands hits the target all action must immediately stop!

It is wonderful to have a definite date and I must confess that I was nervous when we were booking the tickets online. How silly is that? However, now the race against time begins! I have done this before so I do know from experience how important it is to stay organised and make sure that all the all the boxes are ticked.

The pressure is on and the clock does not stop ticking. Less than two months to go… It seems like there is a world of things to be done and it frightens me to think that it won´t get done in time but I know that, as always, we will succeed.

Besides, what are 20 hours flights for if not to catch up on lost sleep ;-p

You’ve got mail


It is amazing how your life can change in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden, your computer screen blinks with a new email, you open it and there it is… the answer that you’ve been waiting for: the visa approval!!!

You try to focus on every little word, reread it to make sure you’re reading it correctly, check your name again and again, and the dates. A wave of relief washes over you before all the excitement takes over. You look around and manage to keep in the shout which is stuck in your throat. Your smiles grows immensely and you feel like jumping up and down but there are too many people around, oblivious of what’s happening to you, so you keep it all bottled up… but just for a little while… as you just cannot help but blurring it out to the first person you see 🙂

Then slowly it starts to dawn on you all the things that you need to get done, the first one being to set a date for our departure. Once that is done we know that there will no turning back and the real adventure will begin…

Right now, I feel like an airplane on the runaway, engines running full blast, just waiting for the air controller command to take off!

The wait…


The worst part of the process is, hands down, the uncertainty of the visa approval. Even though there is no reason why the visa would not be approved, the wait for the final answer is nerve wrecking. It makes you check your email constantly, even though you know that there is a huge time difference between Australia and the UK. Every night we go to sleep hoping that in the morning we’ll have our answer and every morning we feel disappointment by the lack of news.

Radio silence…

Realistically, we know that no news is good news but still we can’t help the anticipation, the anxiety and the stress build up with each passing day. All our plans are in stand-by: in the one hand we do not want to take on anymore commitments here as it isn’t worth our while if we’re to move in two months time, on the other hand we cannot start organising the move as we don’t have a date and the 100% guarantee that we’ll be moving soon…

I can’t help but feeling that I am living in two dimensions and two places. I can’t concentrate on the here and now and my day-to-day routines are done robotically without too much attention being paid to my surroundings. However, I can’t live there, nor physically, nor in my plans which are simply put on hold (hopefully not for much longer now…). As a result, I live constantly in my head: devising plans, having ideas, deciding what I should take or what I should leave behind, thinking of what to give to whom as a part of the moments we’ve shared…

Patience is definitely a virtue that I need t work on and so this presents itself as the greatest opportunity of my life thus far 😉 I will now go an d meditate for a while, trying to avoid thinking about the move, the visa and all that it will entail…