Plane ticket – Check!


Once the flight is booked you know that there is no turning back 🙂 All the rest must be organised, resolved and ready to go by the departure date. It is sort of like an expire date: when the clock hands hits the target all action must immediately stop!

It is wonderful to have a definite date and I must confess that I was nervous when we were booking the tickets online. How silly is that? However, now the race against time begins! I have done this before so I do know from experience how important it is to stay organised and make sure that all the all the boxes are ticked.

The pressure is on and the clock does not stop ticking. Less than two months to go… It seems like there is a world of things to be done and it frightens me to think that it won´t get done in time but I know that, as always, we will succeed.

Besides, what are 20 hours flights for if not to catch up on lost sleep ;-p


About Cinnamon Pixie

Adventurous, courageous and flamboyant. I love life and try to enjoy every little present that it gives me. I love people, books, photography. Travelling, cooking and meeting new people are some of the numerous things that make me smile.

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