Why do we hoard so much stuff?!


Every time I start packing for a move I swear I will not do it again anytime soon. Obviously, this is an empty promise as this will be the fifth move in 6 years! And the third international one (first inter-continental though!)!

Whenever you need to pack your life into small cardboard boxes there is always a feeling of desperation. Why, oh why, do we keep so much stuff? I am not one to bother about expensive items but I do get attached emotionally to some material things. The bookmark that I bought in that funky bookshop, the chest that took me ages to fit in my old car and bring home, the little dish where I keep my nespresso capsules that was given to me by my auntie, and, most of all, my books…..

With a move of this magnitude we have to be conscious of volume, weight and space and therefore there is a lot of stuff that will have to be left behind. It is quite liberating to get rid of the old because this is a way to make room for the new in one’s life. But at the same time it is also tricky for me to be getting rid of some of the things that I have lived with for so long.

We have arranged for the shipping of some our stuff and I am feeling anxious. I need to start packing and that means that I need to commence with the reducing and recycling. We are selling our furniture and so far we have actually ensured that our favourites pieces are going to our friends’ new house, which is really nice. I am also planning to give away some stuff to charity and to friends as well.

All this requires lots of organising and sorting out and I confess that my mind races at night with thoughts about the littlest of things. Because Australia is so strict on what you can actually bring to the country we have to take note of exactly everything that we pack and need to be aware of any harmless though prohibited items, such as wicker.

I can’t believe it than in a bit over a month my life will be again dispersed in several boxes travelling steadily along the Indian Ocean 😀


About Cinnamon Pixie

Adventurous, courageous and flamboyant. I love life and try to enjoy every little present that it gives me. I love people, books, photography. Travelling, cooking and meeting new people are some of the numerous things that make me smile.

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