Monthly Archives: October 2012

My city



Lisbon will always be my special city! It’s the city where I spent my childhood, where I grew up and went to school, where I met the most special people in my life. The city has a unique atmosphere, its colours and light are like no other, and as such it is even often described by poets and singers as a sensual woman.
But more importantly is how Lisbon makes my heart beat and how it makes me smile! This is in no small part due to my people (friends and family alike!) who make me feel welcome and who always have a warm embrace upon my arrival 🙂
Back in the UK, I have temporarily left the stress of the move and a couple of errands that need doing before our flight to OZ. Here I intend to enjoy myself, spend quality time with the ones I love, and fill my heart with the ever warm and great memories that always keep me going when times get tough.


Moving day


Packing boxes, deciding what we’re taking, what we are selling, giving away, or donating, has been extremely tiring and far more stressful that I had anticipated. Even though, I have lots of experience moving houses, this takes packing to a whole new level!
Today, most of our furniture is being collected and bit by bit the house is becoming empty… Apart from cardboard boxes, against the walls here and there. It’s a weird feeling… On the one hand, I feel that things are moving forward and therefore feel a sense of achievement; on the other hand I can’t help but feel a bit sad, and I can’t shake the feeling that I am leaving a part of myself behind.
I have so many good memories in this house, the last year has been so good which is probably why I feel so anxious about leaving to face the unknown yet again.
Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about OZ and our new journey but this time around I feel a bittersweet taste in my mouth…

My books and I


   Ever since I started to read, I fell in love with books. They are like friends and I love to keep them around, as a part of me. Every time we move, hubbie complaints about the number of boxes and the weight that he ends up carrying.

   This time around I gave in and suggested that it would be a good idea to get rid of some of the books. Especially those that I used while at university and that I won´t be using again. I went online and sold some of them on Amazon, donated others to charity shops but unfortunately I had to take quite a few to the recycling centre 😦 I had lots of books from when I studied Portuguese literature and even though they might have been useful for someone else the cost of shipping them to Portugal to be donated made it unfeasible.

   Parting with books, even ones of subjects I didn´t like, and books that I know realistically I will not open again, was extremely hard. I felt sad, empty and as though I was committing some sort of sacrilege. I know this is absolutely silly however I just feel that those books were part of an important time in my life and they somehow became part of the person I am today.

   I am still taking lots of books with me, books that I cannot part from, books that remind me of all that I have lived! I love to have them in shelves in my living room, and look at them whenever I sit down on the sofa to relax; in my bedside table a pile will keep me company throughout the night, and in the study there will always be something to browse through while I wait for an internet page to load or for the printer to print.

   I might live a “lighter” life if I didn´t take my books everywhere I go, but I most certainly would not live such a fulfilling one 😉




It is only when you start cleaning up that you realise the amount of stuff you keep around and you do not use! Last Sunday we actually took 22 plastic bags filled with old clothes to the recycling centre. There wasn’t many space left in the Fiat 500 afterwards 😉
This was not my first trip there and it won’t be the last for sure! The packing/cleaning/binning is now fully on!!!

One month to go!!!



Saying that time flies is an understatement. I feel like it was yesterday that we decided on the final dates and now I look at the calendar and realize that in precisely a month I will be awaking up in sunny Brisbane.
One month!!! 30 days!!!
And still so much to do, so much to pack, so many goodbyes…… I feel very excited, very stressed and anxious, somewhat sad (when it comes to the goodbyes!) and even a bit scared. I know that all of the feelings are normal but even so it does not mean that they aren’t very real and taking over my life for the time being.
I find it difficult to concentrate on small tasks, I keep forgetting little things and now I even came down with a major cold. This is unlike me and I know that for the next 30 days this state of mind will continue to take over my life, which in itself stresses me out a bit. I like the feeling that I am in control and I am the one in charge, and even though I know that I am in charge of the move and what needs to be done, I cannot anticipate the little surprises and the many unknowns that we are about to face and that definitely throws me off my game!
At the same time, however, this is an amazing adventure and this chaotic state is also part of it! I am willing to embrace it for I am certain that we’ll come out the other end smiling and triumphant!!!
30 days!!! OMG, 30 days!!!