My city



Lisbon will always be my special city! It’s the city where I spent my childhood, where I grew up and went to school, where I met the most special people in my life. The city has a unique atmosphere, its colours and light are like no other, and as such it is even often described by poets and singers as a sensual woman.
But more importantly is how Lisbon makes my heart beat and how it makes me smile! This is in no small part due to my people (friends and family alike!) who make me feel welcome and who always have a warm embrace upon my arrival 🙂
Back in the UK, I have temporarily left the stress of the move and a couple of errands that need doing before our flight to OZ. Here I intend to enjoy myself, spend quality time with the ones I love, and fill my heart with the ever warm and great memories that always keep me going when times get tough.


About Cinnamon Pixie

Adventurous, courageous and flamboyant. I love life and try to enjoy every little present that it gives me. I love people, books, photography. Travelling, cooking and meeting new people are some of the numerous things that make me smile.

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