Hello world :D



So it is 21.12.12 down under and the end of the world is not yet upon us ;-p

I always find it interesting how people are influenced by media and gullible to the point of believing in theories that have no scientific basis whatsoever. Maybe, I am too rational and that is my lost, maybe I have become too cynical with age, but to prepare for doomsday because of a literal interpretation of an ancient calendar seems ridiculous to me!

Oh well, the truth is people still celebrate the 25th of December as the birth of a baby from a virgin mother… so maybe I am the one of no faith who has the lost the magic of believing…

Either way the sun is shining and the city outside is calling out for me! Tomorrow, we are leaving to Sydney, where we will spend the holiday season with very dear friends, and there is still some things to get ready. So enjoy life and this amazing world of ours that should be cherished every single day 🙂


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