Crazy tropical weather


The recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales have been all over the news. Luckily, we were not affected and stayed safe and dry but I must say that it is quite scary. We stayed indoors but were spooked by the non-stopping rain, the strong winds and the news updates on the tv. Never in my life had I witness such a long rain fall, it rained non-stop for three days!!! On Sunday, there was literally no stop, not even for a few minutes…


How lucky was this neighbour? The tree missed his car by this much ;-p


On Monday, when we went out we saw a lot of fallen trees, debris floating in the very swollen river, sand bags by people´s houses and it made think again how impotent we are in the face of mother nature. In the three months that we´ve been living here, we have already witnessed some crazy storms (which I hate…), have been on alert for bush fires (which have burnt a great part of Queensland and especially Tasmania), and now floods.

I guess we can´t always have beach like weather 😉


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      • So true!!!
        I remember my first year, we were sent home from work because of strong winds. A tram in Den Haag went belly-up and all the trains stopped completely. Lots of people ended up spending the night in the train station, on army beds, unable to get back home. That was quite scary as well….

      • Inverno de 2006, minha cara! Trabalhava eu na Shell em Den Haag e vim a pé para casa, ainda na Reinkenstraat, com medo de levantar voo. Quando cheguei a casa a cerca de madeira que dividia a minha varanda com a do vizinho tinha ido literalmente pelos ares. Nessa altura pensei para com os meus botões no que é que eu me tinha metido, lol

      • Aqui nao tem estado mto diferente, já desisti de levantar as minhas cadeiras de madeira do chao. Ha dois dias q esta uma ventania q nao se para. Agora uma que levante comboios no ar nunca vi. Nem quero!!! Estas cenas perseguem.te pa lol

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