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Another important step conquered



Last Monday, I started my new job. The first one in Australia 🙂

Job searching is always stressful, and when you come to a new country things tend to take a bit longer. So far, I have been very blessed and have achieved most of my goals so every time I applied for a vacancy and got the standard email, thank you for your interest but you have been unsuccessful, my confidence took a hit. And believe me, there were quite a few of those until I got the first calls, and subsequent interviews.

Going on interviews is both exciting and nerve wrecking. And the worst part of all is when you´re waiting for an answer. You try not to create any expectations and have to fight yourself not to check your phone and email every 5 minutes. I have to admit that I did not miss this emotional roll-a-coaster at all and I am glad it is over!

Getting a job does not only mean getting a salary. More importantly, it means that you have a purpose, are occupied and keep intellectually challenged, and you get to meet new people and interact with them on a daily basis. I cannot stress how important this is when you live in a new country! It is an amazing milestone on your integration process!

The first week was quite intense, as there is so much to learn, but it was also very positive. The people are very nice and were very welcoming. The next two weeks will still consist mostly of training so I still have a long journey ahead of me before I feel like a fish in the water again.

It is inevitable to compare the new job with my previous one and so I do miss my colleagues and friends in the UK. However, I feel ready to take on this new challenge 😀


Let´s go out for brekkie!

@ The Gunshop Cafe, West End

@ The Gunshop Cafe, West End

We love good food, great produce and discovering new cafés, restaurants, and bistros! And as part of discovering a new city we love going out to eat.

Food is also a great reflection of a country´s culture. In Australia you can find amazing fresh produce and Aussies are quite proud of them. At the supermarket you can find the “kangaroo symbol” in all sorts of products.

Here you can find lots of restaurants from all over the world and you can also find lots of international influences in the way people eat. You can just grab a couple of rolls of sushi for lunch, get a burrito if you fancy mexican instead, go to Yum Cha or eat a sandwich with lots of salad, avocado (always!), and some meat or fish.

It is quite common to go out for breakfast/brunch on the weekend and I must confess that I love this tradition 😀 Nothing like some lovely bacon, eggs, toast, etc. washed down with some good coffee. This is also a great opportunity for us to discover new places and, bit by bit, feel more at home.

Today we went to the iconic Gunshop Café. We were aware that it does get quite busy on weekends and were prepared to queue outside for a while. We actually got a table in the outdoor backyard straight away. Even though it was quite busy we did not have to wait long for our food at all. And, most importantly, it was delicious!!! The space is quite nice and somewhat funky, the staff are very nice and the food is gorgeous. Great place to start a lazy Sunday ;-p

The Year of the Snake


Chinatown, Brisbane


We were very excited about the New Chinese Year celebrations and headed off to Chinatown today expecting a big colourful parade. There was no parade per say, but rather a small stage where the dancers performed. The place was packed and we could not see much, even standing on street benches.

The dragons were very small and from what I gathered there was not more than one person per dragon which I found very odd. Not impressed we had a bite to eat and left soon after.

The snake has a special significance for us as we were both born under its influence. This year will surely represent a great year of change for us and maybe for those reasons this foreign celebration made a bit more sense this year. There will be more celebrations during the week and next weekend so we might give it another try. Hopefully we will be surprised 😉