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The storm is coming…


View from my window today at 6:10 PM


Latin dance




Some years back, we had some lessons on salsa dancing and we really enjoyed it. Then our circumstances changed (house and job) and our schedules were no longer compatible with those of the dance school. We always felt that we wanted to continue but we did not have the opportunity… until now, that is!

Through an internet search we found the Rio Rhythms school and were intrigued by their teaching approach. They do not teach you salsa, merengue, or zouk by itself. Instead they have a Latin Dance foundation program that allows you to learn all these different styles and more, and this will allow you to become a more accomplished dancer overall.

When I contacted them they invited me to visit the dance studio, try a free lesson, come to a social evening and attend the annual carnival parade 🙂 We took them on this offer and headed their way last Saturday evening. I forgot my camera but still attempted some pictures with my phone, so please forgive their poor quality…

It was a very fun night and we definitely felt like going back! And go back we did 😉 We have enrolled for the foundation classes, and have already attended the first lesson. The teacher, and founder, is Brazilian and he is quite a character. We really did enjoy it and I am hopeful that this time around we will see great progress and continue to develop our poor dancing skills 😉

PS – Guys are welcome to attend as many classes as they would like for free. The reason behind them is that it takes longer for them to learn, it is harder to lead than to follow, and I guess that there is always a shortage of men in classes. Their excuse is that the ladies do benefit from the guys devotion to their learning, eh eh eh eh

Hiking at Mt Coot-tha


It has been raining quite a lot lately. It went on for about three or four weeks non-stop and having just moved from the UK, I was not pleased 😉 However, it has been quite warm still.

Last Sunday, the rain eased up a bit and immediately we put on our hiking shoes and headed out to discover Mt Coot-tha, which is just on our doorstep. We had a guide and planned a short walk of about 3.5 Kms just to get to know the area.

We started off in one of the many picnic areas and went down to Simpson Falls. There was still a lot of mud, because of the recent rainfall, and crossing the creeks was tricky at times. We had good fun and felt amazing after having breathed in the fresh air, walked alone among the trees, and watched so many butterflies along the way 🙂









Before the move we decided to sell our furniture. That way we would not feel conditioned by it when looking for a new place and would not worry whether or not our stuff would fit, as we have in the past.
When we rented our current place we bought the essentials: bedroom, sofa, tv stand, and little else. In January, the stuff that we decided to ship to Australia finally arrived: books, clothes, small appliances, decorations, paintings, etc. Ever since then our guest room has been full of cardboard boxes!
Now the time to buy some more furniture and unpack is here 🙂
We have time and want to buy some fine pieces that reflect our personality, and so this afternoon we went to Hawthorne, to visit the Side Street Vintage shop. The couple is so nice and they renovate old pieces really well! We fell in love with a gorgeous desk that had unfortunately been sold already but Roy is going to try to find us one just as perfect. I will definitely be bringing some of their lovely things home!
Also, they have sewing workshops and other activities worth checking out.

4 months :D

View of Brisbane´s CBD from Mount Coo-tha

View of Brisbane´s CBD from Mount Coot-tha

It is exactly 4 months today since we arrived in Australia! Time has definitely flown by!

It seems like yesterday that we were walking through the CBD with a map in our hands and now I find myself knowing the name of the streets by heart. So much has happened in such a short time but it is still overwhelming to think of the long journey still ahead of us until we can call this city home.

We have been able to sort out all of the bureaucracy  involved in just a big move which will now allows us to focus on the fun stuff. Now, we need to focus on the social aspect of life, meeting new people, new places, and doing the many activities that bring us joy! It is the start of an exciting time for us ;-p

I must confess that I truly miss my old life, house, friends, and work colleagues back in the UK. And of course, my family and dear friends in Portugal! But we have no regrets and we are very happy to be staring a new life down under!!!

Traffic Signal Box Art

Nov 24, 2012

Brissie Street Art

So far 900 traffic signal boxes in Brisbane have been painted by local residents. This initiative, from the City Council, is called Artforce Project and has brought light, colour and art to the streets. Anyone can submit a design application, regardless of their age or artistic experience and have their own painted box. How cool is that?

I always stop and admire the many designs that I come across and some are quite remarkable. It is such a simple yet amazing idea. So much better than the grey metal and boring boxes that only serve its purpose… These always make me smile 🙂