4 months :D

View of Brisbane´s CBD from Mount Coo-tha

View of Brisbane´s CBD from Mount Coot-tha

It is exactly 4 months today since we arrived in Australia! Time has definitely flown by!

It seems like yesterday that we were walking through the CBD with a map in our hands and now I find myself knowing the name of the streets by heart. So much has happened in such a short time but it is still overwhelming to think of the long journey still ahead of us until we can call this city home.

We have been able to sort out all of the bureaucracy  involved in just a big move which will now allows us to focus on the fun stuff. Now, we need to focus on the social aspect of life, meeting new people, new places, and doing the many activities that bring us joy! It is the start of an exciting time for us ;-p

I must confess that I truly miss my old life, house, friends, and work colleagues back in the UK. And of course, my family and dear friends in Portugal! But we have no regrets and we are very happy to be staring a new life down under!!!


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