Before the move we decided to sell our furniture. That way we would not feel conditioned by it when looking for a new place and would not worry whether or not our stuff would fit, as we have in the past.
When we rented our current place we bought the essentials: bedroom, sofa, tv stand, and little else. In January, the stuff that we decided to ship to Australia finally arrived: books, clothes, small appliances, decorations, paintings, etc. Ever since then our guest room has been full of cardboard boxes!
Now the time to buy some more furniture and unpack is here 🙂
We have time and want to buy some fine pieces that reflect our personality, and so this afternoon we went to Hawthorne, to visit the Side Street Vintage shop. The couple is so nice and they renovate old pieces really well! We fell in love with a gorgeous desk that had unfortunately been sold already but Roy is going to try to find us one just as perfect. I will definitely be bringing some of their lovely things home!
Also, they have sewing workshops and other activities worth checking out.


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