Latin dance




Some years back, we had some lessons on salsa dancing and we really enjoyed it. Then our circumstances changed (house and job) and our schedules were no longer compatible with those of the dance school. We always felt that we wanted to continue but we did not have the opportunity… until now, that is!

Through an internet search we found the Rio Rhythms school and were intrigued by their teaching approach. They do not teach you salsa, merengue, or zouk by itself. Instead they have a Latin Dance foundation program that allows you to learn all these different styles and more, and this will allow you to become a more accomplished dancer overall.

When I contacted them they invited me to visit the dance studio, try a free lesson, come to a social evening and attend the annual carnival parade 🙂 We took them on this offer and headed their way last Saturday evening. I forgot my camera but still attempted some pictures with my phone, so please forgive their poor quality…

It was a very fun night and we definitely felt like going back! And go back we did 😉 We have enrolled for the foundation classes, and have already attended the first lesson. The teacher, and founder, is Brazilian and he is quite a character. We really did enjoy it and I am hopeful that this time around we will see great progress and continue to develop our poor dancing skills 😉

PS – Guys are welcome to attend as many classes as they would like for free. The reason behind them is that it takes longer for them to learn, it is harder to lead than to follow, and I guess that there is always a shortage of men in classes. Their excuse is that the ladies do benefit from the guys devotion to their learning, eh eh eh eh


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