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Discovering Aussie flavours

2013-04-20 19.42.28

Starter – Local berries, roasted macadamia salad, seared crocodile, emu and kangaroo

Our dear friends, N. and C., had offered us a voucher to try some Aussie flavours. Yesterday, we dressed up and went to Tuka Restaurant, in West End, to discover a new type of cuisine. We had a voucher for the “Discovery Menu” and we truly enjoyed the journey of senses that the different courses brought us.

2013-04-20 20.01.48

Entrée – Seared crocodile with vanilla and lemon emulsion with a peach and strawberry salad

The presentation was flawless and the food was incredible. Every element on the plate was thought trough and cooked to perfection!

2013-04-20 20.28.30

Main Course – Seared kangaroo with pea purée and potato gratin served with a blackcurrant reduction

We decided to take their advice, and had a matching wine for each course which complemented the dishes very well. The wines too were from Australian vineyards and got our approval through and through.

2013-04-20 21.05.58

Dessert – Berry and rose-water jelly with white chocolate mousse, macadamia ice-cream and honey mascarpone

The service was also top-notch. The waiters were polite, knowledgable and the food came to the table at perfectly timed intervals. It was a great night and we truly enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks N. and C.! You guys spoil us rotten 😉 xxx


Sushi Mania



In Australia the Asian influence is great. Due to the amount of Asian migrants and also the geographic closeness. I personally find that fascinating 🙂
This means that we can find great and authentic restaurants all around. But the sushi rolls have become a bit of an alternative to the most common junk foods. In every corner you will find a shop where you can buy some rolls for around $2.50 each and therefore get a simple cheap lunch or snack.
This is sushi with a western twist, some with mayonnaise, tuna or lobster salad, cheese, avocados (Australians are crazy about avocado!), etc. They are most certainly not authentic but sometimes I find them an easy, not so bad, choice when I forget to bring lunch from home. And they are most definitely popular!

Aussie Wildlife



When I first came to Australia, I was terrified about the bugs, reptiles, frogs, snakes, etc. People kept telling me to bang my shoes every morning because of red back spiders, to be careful when touching outdoor furniture, etc.
Since we actually live in a very urban area, we haven’t had any issues. I have found several geckos in parks but they are pretty harmless and just sit still (the photo was taken at night, hence the poor quality…).

However, the other day I went for a stroll along the river and all of a sudden something that looked like a huge rat crossed my path… I immediately stopped in my tracks, horrified… It turned out to be a possum!!! Well, we don’t have these in Europe 😉

Ikea – The easy option


Photo from Ikea´s website

Undoubtedly, Ikea has made decorating a house easier, and more accessible. The products do not have a great durability but that gives you the freedom to change them more often and try different styles.

I have shopped at Ikea many times before and when we moved to Australia we tried a different approach. However, we still needed a couple of things, and after searching vintage and charity shops for used items that we could perhaps recycle we ended up empty handed. So last weekend, eager to get our place looking like a home at last, we headed to Ikea in Logan. We arranged for a same day delivery which was a pleasant surprise and got some bookcases, a lovely chair for the study and a few little bits.

Today, it has been raining non-stop so it is the perfect day for hubbie to assemble the bookcases and for me to unpack the rest of my books and organise them 🙂 It promises to be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Bribie Island


Surf Beach

On our Easter break, we wanted to relax and get to know a new spot near Brisbane. The choice was therefore Bribie Island. I first heard of Bribie because one of my friend´s mum lives there and we were curious about it.


Sylvian Beach

It´s the perfect place to relax, and a great place if you´re into water sports or fishing. You can easily hire a boat and set off into the sunset 🙂


Sunset Cruise

We actually went on a cruise and even though we did not get the chance to see dolphins or dugongs, we had lots of fun and watched an amazing sunset.


Avon Lodge

We stayed at a really nice Bed and Breakfast which had a very Balinese vibe and proved to be the perfect place to unwind.


Red Beach

We could tell that the island had been hit hard by the recent floods and in some places you can still witness the devastation.

Overall, it was a really great experience. I did not feel that the island was “paradise like” but it was a perfect place for us to leave our troubles behind, relax, enjoy each other´s company, read, watch some TV and have fun 🙂