Aussie Wildlife



When I first came to Australia, I was terrified about the bugs, reptiles, frogs, snakes, etc. People kept telling me to bang my shoes every morning because of red back spiders, to be careful when touching outdoor furniture, etc.
Since we actually live in a very urban area, we haven’t had any issues. I have found several geckos in parks but they are pretty harmless and just sit still (the photo was taken at night, hence the poor quality…).

However, the other day I went for a stroll along the river and all of a sudden something that looked like a huge rat crossed my path… I immediately stopped in my tracks, horrified… It turned out to be a possum!!! Well, we don’t have these in Europe 😉


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  1. I thought the Geckos pic was a painting, I swear!
    And the possum is actually sweet, ah? But I think, ok, I’m sure I’d scream too :)) too much wild life for me 😉

    • Nope, it´s a real picture!
      The other day I actually saw a possum walking on an electrical cable… It was impressive but they still remind me too much of rats so I still freak out a bit…
      Oh, and I found a cricket in my underwear drawer, still alive and kicking! LOOOL

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