Toll roads


I am used to tolls that you notice properly, that you have to slow down to pass through, that are separated by dividers in the middle of the road…. Well, not in Brissie!

You find a sign advising of a toll road and then you don’t see anything else. Silly me, at first I thought that I had exited the road before the toll and did not think about it twice. After a while I started questioning myself and got a feeling that something wasn’t right. Through a quick online search, I found that I was not the only one and that found this odd and that had been driving without a care in the world by toll roads without paying.

There are only some cameras and you can get a tag for your car by going to the go via website and it is a quite straight forward and easy process. Once you drive through a toll road it actually beeps so you know that you have successfully paid for the road usage.

The worst part was that the guys at the car dealership had made a mistake and registered our car under the wrong address so we never received any invoices to pay. I have now contacted the “toll people” directly and they sent me the outstanding invoices and I had to pay $125 in total, most of which were administration fees!!!! Some of the invoices were $2.50 for the toll, and $15 for administration fee!

So people, take care with the toll roads in Brisbane. These might not be evident and you’ll find that you are driving carefree and incurring in unnecessary expenses.


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