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Lone Pile Koala Sanctuary



One of the first things that people thing about when they hear the word “Australia” is koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife. Some actually believe that they just walk around cities, without a care in the world, which always makes me laugh 😉


Barking Owl

Last weekend, we decided to enjoy the lovely warm and sunny winter day and went to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is actually about 15 minutes from our house.


Famous “Roo”

As the name indicates it is a koala sanctuary and you can visit so many of these funny looking creatures. You actually start to realise how different they actually look…


Sweet, fluffy Koala

But there are also some other native species very interesting and less renowned. They even have sheep and sheepdogs and a few demonstrations during the day of the work they do on Australian farms.



I love animals, except reptiles and snakes, I must confess, so I always have loads of fun in places like this. I always take loads of photos, talk to all animals and love to observe them.



I like to hear the guides and learn new things about each of the species and what makes them special and interesting.


Tasmanian Devil

But the great surprise of the day is that I got to see the platypus, two actually, for the first time ever! They are not easy to spot as they are very shy and even in tanks in captivity you are not always able to see them. This time, I was very lucky and got to see them swim. I was able to sit back and admire these amazing creatures!!!



I have finally found my platypus 😉





The first time we visited Australia we were surprised with the number of chocolate bars in Sydney given that the weather here is quite warm. Nevertheless, we fell in love with Max Brenner and their many options of chocolate indulging treats 😉 They even have chocolate pizza!

We were therefore very excited to find that they also have shops in Brisbane (South Bank and Bulimba).

Today, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was a bit chilly but we just could not stay inside and after lunch we went for a ride, some window shopping and a nice relaxing walk. Before coming home we stopped at Max´s for a Sunday afternoon “calorie overload” treat!


The babka was amazing 😀 We came home with a very happy tummy, lol Suffice to say that after that dinner was quite light…


Best sushi in town



I had already written about the sushi mania in Australia. But I recently found a great place where you can buy fresh sashimi and great quality sushi rolls, as well as some made to order warm meals.

The Fresh Sushi Co is not glamorous or have fancy deco but the quality of the fish is amazing. The fish is super fresh and even the take away rolls that you can grab for a quick-lunch are delicious. They are open Friday and Saturday till late so it is a good option when you have a lazy day and are not sure what to cook for dinner 🙂

“A Place to Call Home”



Hubbie and I love watching TV shows. We like different types of shows: some are sitcoms that make us laugh like The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family; others are crime related like Criminal Minds, medical like Grey´s Anatomy, legal like The Good Wife, and so forth. Back in the UK we fell in love with Downton Abbey which we felt was like our soap opera, filled with twists, intrigue, love stories, betrayal and extremely well-directed and created.

But Australians are not far behind in terms of quality. The new TV series, A Place to Call Home, has an excellent cast, great direction and a very intriguing storyline. It shows us Australian society after the Second World War and the strings that still held them close to the British values and the monarchy. The aftermath of the war left scars which are now beginning to heal as the new dawn and a new way of life slowly make their way into the Australia.

Really do recommend it 🙂