“A Place to Call Home”



Hubbie and I love watching TV shows. We like different types of shows: some are sitcoms that make us laugh like The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family; others are crime related like Criminal Minds, medical like Grey´s Anatomy, legal like The Good Wife, and so forth. Back in the UK we fell in love with Downton Abbey which we felt was like our soap opera, filled with twists, intrigue, love stories, betrayal and extremely well-directed and created.

But Australians are not far behind in terms of quality. The new TV series, A Place to Call Home, has an excellent cast, great direction and a very intriguing storyline. It shows us Australian society after the Second World War and the strings that still held them close to the British values and the monarchy. The aftermath of the war left scars which are now beginning to heal as the new dawn and a new way of life slowly make their way into the Australia.

Really do recommend it 🙂


About Cinnamon Pixie

Adventurous, courageous and flamboyant. I love life and try to enjoy every little present that it gives me. I love people, books, photography. Travelling, cooking and meeting new people are some of the numerous things that make me smile.

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