The first time we visited Australia we were surprised with the number of chocolate bars in Sydney given that the weather here is quite warm. Nevertheless, we fell in love with Max Brenner and their many options of chocolate indulging treats 😉 They even have chocolate pizza!

We were therefore very excited to find that they also have shops in Brisbane (South Bank and Bulimba).

Today, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was a bit chilly but we just could not stay inside and after lunch we went for a ride, some window shopping and a nice relaxing walk. Before coming home we stopped at Max´s for a Sunday afternoon “calorie overload” treat!


The babka was amazing 😀 We came home with a very happy tummy, lol Suffice to say that after that dinner was quite light…



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    • I am just lucky is not that close to my house, otherwise my waist would definitely complain 😉 We are doing well and loving to see your lovely wedding experiences. I always feel super proud!!!! Miss you loads xxxx

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