Lone Pile Koala Sanctuary



One of the first things that people thing about when they hear the word “Australia” is koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife. Some actually believe that they just walk around cities, without a care in the world, which always makes me laugh 😉


Barking Owl

Last weekend, we decided to enjoy the lovely warm and sunny winter day and went to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is actually about 15 minutes from our house.


Famous “Roo”

As the name indicates it is a koala sanctuary and you can visit so many of these funny looking creatures. You actually start to realise how different they actually look…


Sweet, fluffy Koala

But there are also some other native species very interesting and less renowned. They even have sheep and sheepdogs and a few demonstrations during the day of the work they do on Australian farms.



I love animals, except reptiles and snakes, I must confess, so I always have loads of fun in places like this. I always take loads of photos, talk to all animals and love to observe them.



I like to hear the guides and learn new things about each of the species and what makes them special and interesting.


Tasmanian Devil

But the great surprise of the day is that I got to see the platypus, two actually, for the first time ever! They are not easy to spot as they are very shy and even in tanks in captivity you are not always able to see them. This time, I was very lucky and got to see them swim. I was able to sit back and admire these amazing creatures!!!



I have finally found my platypus 😉


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