Until recently we weren´t ones for antiquing but we have now found that there are some old furniture styles and some vintage pieces that we truly appreciate. So when we went for brunch in Paddington, we found ourselves lost in wonder at the antique centre.



They have amazing pieces: from decorations, old tools, furniture, homeware and even jewelery.



This armchair was not only beautiful but it was also very comfortable. We did not bring it home only because we don´t currently have a proper space for it.




These teacups reminded me of my friend Annie who bought dozens of sets for her “homemade” wedding. I am sure that she would love these and would buy a couple even though she now has teacups that will last her a lifetime ;-p


And how amazing is this old film projector! We actually found an old Singer sewing machine that had already been sold and it was just the thing that our grandmas used to have. Gorgeous 🙂

We had lots of fun browsing through the many corridors of the shop and it is definitely a place that you must visit if you´re ever in Paddington.


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