Ekka 2013


The Ekka is an annual event in Queensland where the “bush” meets the city. It is very popular in Brisbane and attracts thousands of visitors, so much so that we even get a holiday (tomorrow) 😉
EkkaThere are lots of activities for the little ones and for the ones that like to go on thrill rides. It has a funfair feel to it, with the stands of candy floss, and the huge teddy bears waiting to be won.

Ekka1The agriculture pavilion showcases all the best produce that the state has to offer. From vegetables, fruits, wine and food. They even show case the different types of flora native in different areas of Queensland. There are plenty of places where you can sample some of local produce and lots of places to eat and drink.

Ekka2Of course, the big attraction (for me, at least!) is the many many animals. There are plenty of competitions for the best cattle, sheepdog, etc. There is also a nursery that you can enter and actually feed the animals. There are so many beautiful dogs, and horses which just made my day! I loved the farm animals too apart from the fowl which I personally do not find the least fascinating.

Ekka3And of course, there is also plenty of shopping opportunities. You´ll finds lots of crafts and of course cowboy boots and hats, and even the world-famous Hugg boots!

There are plenty of things to do! You can get your face painted, get a massage, go on rides or simply sit on the grass, eating a sundae. You can even dance to Elvis tunes, or sit in the arena and watch the monster trucks and the motorbike acrobats. Definitely, something for everyone 😉

In the evening, there is a laser light, water and fireworks show that includes fire dancers and all. It is pretty cool and a great way to close the show each night. (I have a video but have not figured out how to upload it yet…) It is really worth the visit!


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