When the distance hurts too much…


Mum´s cake last year

My mum´s birthday was yesterday… I miss her so much and on special occasions like this I find myself missing home like crazy…

Last year we were all together, we all sang happy birthday, we all had a slice of cake and some Port wishing her many years of health and happiness ahead.

I had to wait all day to call her due to the timezone but the first call she got in the morning was mine. We talked on the phone some 30 minutes or so, and told each other how much we are always in each other´s heart. Though the physical distance is big there is nothing that could ever come between us and our unconditional love.

But once you put down the phone, you don´t feel so strong or positive anymore. You feel sad, you miss home, you wish you were there and you feel that you´re missing out on so much.

I have been living abroad for 7 years, though this is the first year that I have been so far away…, but it doesn´t get any easier…

I wouldn´t change my life and I feel so grateful, happy and blessed to have been given the opportunity to live in other countries, to be able to experience so many different cultures and to grow as a person in such a wonderful and rich way. But it doesn´t come without a price and some days your heart just feels tiny and the distance hurts too much…

Then you thank the universe for the amazing family and friends that you have back home and that are a huge support in your expat life. You thank the universe to be able to live in a “dream land” and to have so many amazing experiences. You give thanks for your health, for your amazing significant other, for all the good that surrounds you. You then pick yourself up, put a smile on your face and go out and face the world for a brand new day 🙂


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  1. Yes, you do.
    Its just tiring doing it over and over again and sometimes exaustion passes by to say hi. Those are the days you feel like you did. Then you just freakin kick exaustion in the butt and shoooo her away, hoping next time its take longer for her to come in your door.
    Forca minha querida, tu consegues.
    Um beijao pra ti e um de parabéns pra Mummy 🙂

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