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Byron Bay and surrounding villages


Byron Bay – Lighthouse

To celebrate our one year in Australia we went down to Byron Bay for a long weekend.

I have wanted to visit it even before we moved here! When we drove to Sydney last Xmas we did not have an opportunity to explore the village as it was raining hard and non-stop, so we only saw a bit of the main street and had some breakfast at a nice cafe. Then some friends organised a camping trip that ended up coinciding with the date of our house move so no fun for us.

So this time we took the time to immerse ourselves in its atmosphere, discover its beautiful beaches, its amazing cafes, funky shops and of course eat as many cookies as we could 🙂


Byron Bay – Lighthouse


Byron Bay – Lighthouse

It was rather windy so it wasn´t a great weather to just relax on the beach (I hate being hit by sand). The beaches are very popular amongst surfers and windsurfers. In Byron you constantly have that holiday feeling and it definitely made up for the wind!


Byron Bay – Main Beach


Byron Bay – Belongil Beach


Byron Bay – Clarkes Beach


Byron Bay – Clarkes Beach


Byron Bay – Tallow Beach (Cosy Corner)

On our last day, we decided to do a couple detours before heading back to Brisbane. We first went to the Lennox Head Market, which is very close by. The market is held near the Lake Ainsworth which is surrounded by tea trees. It is said that bathing in this river can have you looking younger and healthier ;-p


Lennox Head – Lake Ainsworth

We were also very lucky that it was the right Sunday to visit The Channon Craft Market. There are many tents with clothes, jewelry, hand-made products and several places to eat. There is also a Chai Tent in the middle where people just chill and sit back on major pillows. There was music playing and people dancing like nobody was watching.


The Channon Craft Market

Our last stop was Nimbin, the hippest town in the surrounding area. I was extremely curious to visit the museum and I must confess that I was not disappointed. It is the wackiest place you can imagine and well worth the visit.


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum


One year…


Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Time does fly indeed! I can´t believe that it has been a year since we arrived in Australia!

I have grown accustomed to going to sleep to the sound of the flying foxes, who like to nibble the berries in the tree near my window, and wake up to the sound of the kookaburras and lorikeets.

I no longer find it strange when a possum or a bush turkey cross my path in the street or when an ibis approaches me in the park whenever I am having a snack.

I have started to shorten words and find myself saying brekkie, barbie, tradie, Woolies, Maccas, etc.

I have held a koala and I have patted and hand-fed kangaroos and wallabies.

I have celebrated Xmas in the summer.

I have eaten crocodile, emu and roo (short for kangaroo ;-p).

I have had picnics at the beach, barbies in natural parks, gone antique shopping , rummaged the city in search of the best coffee, and made some new friends.

Overall, it has been a crazy year. It has been though but rewarding. There still a long way to go until I can call Australia my home but I am getting there, slowly but surely 😉

Let the next year rock on!!!