The Gilded Cage




I was extremely excited when I found out that this Portuguese movie was going to come to Australian cinemas. I had been wanting to see it forever and I finally got the chance 🙂

It tells the story of Portuguese immigrants that moved to France over 30 years ago. It is a very fair portrait of this part of our society and though it makes you laugh it is not condescending in any way.

Being an immigrant myself, and away from the place I used to call home for the past 7 years, I couldn´t help to think about how your sense of belonging changes when you live abroad. I will always be Portuguese, my culture still dictates my personality and my values but I no longer really feel at home when I go back. There is so much I do differently, there is so much I find strange, there is so much that has changed and so much that has remained unaltered.

The Gilded Cage is still showing at Palace Cinemas and I truly recommend it! You will find it funny whether you can relate or not to the cultural and social idiocracies.


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