Tree Top Walk


Our friends suggested that we try the O’Reilly’s tree top walk  and since we had never been down to Lamington National Park we immediately jumped at the opportunity! The drive up to the Green Mountains is tricky and the road is somewhat dangerous but beautiful nonetheless. As you get closer to the top you enter the forest and the road has been carefully constructed around the trees. It is quite breathtaking :-

DSC_2867Once you reach the retreat you can walk through the rainforest and gardens until you reach the tree top bridges that allow you to experience the canopy of the fruit and flowering trees up close.



DSC_2886This strangling fig tree is quite impressive and is over 150 years old. You can actually look inside the bottom of the trunk and see how hollow it is inside.  One can literally fit in there!

DSC_2916The bridges are a bit bouncy and they are quite high so people who are afraid of heights might struggle a bit. Hubbie doesn’t enjoy heights and he did not let go of the rails during the first round. As he got more confident he started to enjoy it more so I do recommend that you do complete the circuit more than once.


DSC_2924As you are so high you get to see details of trees that you would never be able to any other way and these magnificent!

DSC_2930You can literally climb up a tree but this type of ladder did not appeal to me so I did not go up. I do not regret it but the view from there is very beautiful (I saw photos from those courageous souls that climbed all the way!).

DSC_2936Before you leave be sure to visit the gift shop and the cafe. We tried the pies and they were very good. Much better that you would expect to find in a touristic spot 😉 Also, the view from the cafe balcony is not to be missed!



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