Underwater World – Mooloolaba


We had already visited Sealife in Sydney, when we came to Australia on holidays, and so were not very curious about the one on our doorstep. However, when our friends were here, from the UK, they decided that it would be something fun to do and invited me to tag along. I am so glad they did!!!

As we went during the week, we got a great deal on the entry ($15) and it was extremely quiet so we were able to spend as much time as we liked watching the fishies. Also, we did not have to worry about avoiding other people, tourist and the like, that can sometimes run your experience as you get frazzled with all the commotion.

DSC_2951You could actually touch these little guys. They are velvety smooth 😉

DSC_2964And there was Nemo again…


DSC_2993There is a daily seal show which is not to be missed. They show their amazing skills and the trainer even explains how he trains them. They are such smart and gorgeous creatures!


DSC_2985This little (not so little…) guy was called Oscar. I don´t understand much about fish, so do not ask me what species it is, but I did find its colours quite interesting.

DSC_3005The jelly fish exhibition is amazing! The environment has been carefully thought to give emphasis to their grace and beauty. You can play with the colours in the tank which makes the whole visit interactive.

DSC_3048Impressive stingray! Looking at it I could not help but think of the tragic death of Steve Irwin. It just reminds you that though beautiful, these are wild, potentially deadly, animals and that one should never take that for granted.


DSC_3026I just love this picture of the monitors intertwined!

NMS_3037And no visit would be complete without the shark. It is amazing walking into a tunnel where you have sharks swimming peacefully above your head. And there is always someone who decides to hum the Jaws´ soundtrack while they do so.


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