Pizza delivery


2012_f_uppercrust_whiteprosciuttoYou know those lazy evenings when you don’t feel like cooking?! Those long days at work after which you get home and just want to put your feet up? Those Friday movie nights with your better-half?!

Well, who among us doesn’t, every now and again, resort to a take-out? Well, if you like pizza then Crust is the way to go!

They have lovely flavour combinations, their ingredients are fresh and their pizza base is crispy and thin as it should be. I truly recommend it 🙂

They can get quite busy on weekends and the delivery times might be around 1 hour but if you live close by, you can opt to pick up your pizza from the local store, and that is usually quite quick.

The prices are quite reasonable as well and depending on your spend you might be entitled to free delivery. And the upper crust pizzas are big enough for two.

Enjoy your pizza!


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