Gelato Messina


In Sydney, when you think Gelato you think Messina. I had been wanting to try these for a long time and I am so glad to say that they did not disappoint 🙂

Queue at Messina Darlinghurst at 10 PM

Queue at Messina Darlinghurst at 10 PM

After a homemade dinner, we got in the car and drove to town. We got to Victoria Street at 10:00 PM and could not believe the queue outside!

But the service is quick and organised and we were served very promptly.


The decor celebrates ice-cream, summer and Italy. There are many gelato flavours to choose from and the display is mouth-watering. For a moment you want to ask for a scoop of each ;-p


We decided to try two of the house specials. Not only were they both delicious, we were pleasantly surprised with the price. Given that they are so renowned, I was expecting these to be expensive but they are actually cheaper than many of other brands I´ve bought before.


Dr Evil and Chilax Princess


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