Sending parcels


thCAK55BX6When you live so far away from your family and friends you miss a lot of the important dates such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. Of course, you can call them, organise Skype sessions, text and email but you will most likely want to send a parcel per post with gifts, Australian delicacies (such as Tim Tam!), etc.

Sending a parcel overseas is quite expensive and you end up spending around $100 so you only do it for special people and special occasions. Sometimes the postage can be more than the full cost of the things you’re sending ūüėČ

Well, this Christmas season I sent a parcel to some very special friends and was mortified to find out that they were asked to pay around 90 Euros for custom fees! I called Australia Post and the spoke to a very nice girl who explained that since it is an international parcel, customs at the receiving country can choose to randomly check any parcel and charge a fee. The post offices in both countries have no control over that and cannot stop or avoid it.

It was definitely a nasty surprise and it has definitely put me off sending parcels again. Can you imagine having to pay to get a gift? I can’t believe that the fee was actually more expensive than the postage which I already find expensive!

There was nothing in the parcel that would cause customs to suspect anything, nothing that was tax exempt and not one item that exceed $150 in value.

So be warned, when you are sending a parcel overseas you never know when the receiver will be asked to pay an absurd amount to customs!


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