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Leichhardt Long Lunch


This past Saturday we were blessed with an “Indian Summer” day in Sydney. The thermometers went up to 28 C in the inner-west and the sun shined bright and warm.

The Leichhardt Long Lunch was on and it was a perfect opportunity for us to browse the different stalls (all from local business) have some nice lunch, and drinks, sit outside, and even learn some new recipes at the cooking demonstrations.

The tiramisu and pistachio ice-cream from Bar Italia were amazing and we loved the sample of passatelli with mussels from the chef at Capriccio.




I find these events a great way to cultivate and maintain the community spirit. Sydney is a huge city but each suburb has its own vibe and identity which I firmly believe should be preserved.

Leichhardt is well-known for its Italian community and many restaurants so I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate it than with an outdoor long lunch 🙂


Not Just Coffee


I love discovering new cafes and nice spots where one can sit down and slowly enjoy one’s coffee (tea, beer, whatever you fancy!) 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the  Paddington Markets and as the queues were too long for the food, we decided that we would look for a cafe in the area instead. As we walked down Oxford Street, window shopping , we came to a halt when we saw this sign. We turn into a little lane and about 200 meters ahead we found this very cozy cafe.

IMG_20150814_103206The staff was lovely and welcoming and menu was very interesting, with a couple of surprise elements. We decided to try the Samurai Aussie Croissant and it was absolutely delicious! 

I truly recommend it 😀

Spring is coming

Pitt Street, Sydney

Pitt Street, Sydney

I haven’t posted for a while and my only excuse is that like a wild animal I have been hibernating during Sydney’s somewhat cold winter. After having lived in Queensland for the past 2 years, I must confess that the cold and darker days of winter were a real shock to the system. The boots and winter jackets were finally worn, the heaters were turned on at home, and I had to fight hard not to unpack the many woolen scarfs, gloves and beanies that I still own from my Northern Europe days 🙂

Yesterday, however, when I left the office at 5:40 PM it was no longer dark and the sky was still blueish. Looking up, I couldn’t help but smile. I walked down the street happy, despite the fact that I still had to button up my jacket 🙂

Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait! I want to go camping and discover more of the city and its surroundings. I want to go on long walks and see the sunrise at the beach. I want to put away my winter clothes and take pictures of the blooming flowers 🙂