Opera House – Open Day


Every now and again the Opera House has an open day. On the last occasion, and given that the day was bit grey and wet, we did not miss the opportunity!

The queue was quite long but it moved along swiftly. We were expecting a bit of a wait and did not mind it,  after all we were saving $37 a head.

The Opera House is definitely one of the most recognisable buildings in the world due to its peculiar design, and I was therefore pretty curious to see, and feel, it from the inside.

The same flow of the outside design carries on inside. You move along the various show rooms, as if in a maze. There are many steps and you do have a strange feeling of being inside a ship, with piano keys all over the walls. There are amazing views of the bay, the Harbour Bridge, and Circular Quay from the many windows.

We were able to go backstage and even got to see a small exhibition of costumes used in the most popular shows.

The highlight for me was to be able to stand on the stage of the Concert Hall!

I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney 🙂




Northern Foyer


Concert Hall


Concert Hall


Drama Theatre


Costumes from La Boheme




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