Sculptures by the sea – Bondi Beach


We were looking forward to the event as we love this coastal walk. Unfortunately, we could not avoid the crowds as our only available days were the weekend. We decided to go late in the day, hoping that most people would have left by then.

The weather was beautiful and it was quite warm. When we got to Bondi, the beach was packed. However, we had a look at the sky and realised that the weather was due to change quickly.

We tried to ignore it but soon realised that we would better turn back or would we get caught in the storm. So we didn’t get a chance to see many of the sculptures.

Also, the walk was quite congested by so many people that we could not move swiftly through it.

About 4 kms from home it started pouring heavily. Given that we were on our motorbike, we had to stop rather quickly and managed to find a spot where we safely waited for the rain to subside.

We had been to the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in Perth, back in March, and some of the artists were the same so we felt better about not missing so much.

Here are some snapshots:







Here is a before and after picture. The first one was taken when we arrived and the other when we left (40 minutes later).



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