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Ever since I had to part with some books when I moved to Australia (remember?!), I have tried to control myself and not buy so many books as I used to.

I have started using Kindle and I must confess that it is most practical and I actually really like it. It is not the same, and it will never replace my passion for books as a physical object!, but it is definitely a great way to carry books in your purse, purchase books for a cheaper price and having lots of new books without having to worry about reorganising your bookshelves. Not mention how convenient it is when you’re travelling.

However, I still love visiting bookstores! I love browsing through the aisles, opening books, smelling their pages, reading random passages. I love to get a feel for the bestsellers and the ones chosen to be on the spotlight. I love browsing through the stationery shelves, usually close to the tills, and check out the bookmarks, the notebooks, the pens, etc.

There are a few bookstores around Brisbane that have a coffee bar and these are quite appealing. Combining coffee and books can never be wrong! But there is also a chain of bookstores that I really like: Dymocks. These are usually big stores where you can get lost for hours. They have a great travel section and every time I visit their stores I always end up bringing something home. I have found  some great books: walks around Brisbane, “foodies guide” for Brisbane, nature walks around Australia, and some others that have proved very useful when discovering a new city and country.

I have refrained from buying novels or fiction though, and have been getting e-books instead.

When my mother-in-law came to visit over the Christmas period she did bring some new books from Portuguese authors, that are not available at the Kindle Store or in any other bookstore in Australia for that matter, and it make me very happy 😀 I have now read them all and even though I have been reading on my Kindle I can feel “the itch” again. I will surely be paying Dymocks a visit in the near future!


Ikea – The easy option


Photo from Ikea´s website

Undoubtedly, Ikea has made decorating a house easier, and more accessible. The products do not have a great durability but that gives you the freedom to change them more often and try different styles.

I have shopped at Ikea many times before and when we moved to Australia we tried a different approach. However, we still needed a couple of things, and after searching vintage and charity shops for used items that we could perhaps recycle we ended up empty handed. So last weekend, eager to get our place looking like a home at last, we headed to Ikea in Logan. We arranged for a same day delivery which was a pleasant surprise and got some bookcases, a lovely chair for the study and a few little bits.

Today, it has been raining non-stop so it is the perfect day for hubbie to assemble the bookcases and for me to unpack the rest of my books and organise them 🙂 It promises to be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

My books and I


   Ever since I started to read, I fell in love with books. They are like friends and I love to keep them around, as a part of me. Every time we move, hubbie complaints about the number of boxes and the weight that he ends up carrying.

   This time around I gave in and suggested that it would be a good idea to get rid of some of the books. Especially those that I used while at university and that I won´t be using again. I went online and sold some of them on Amazon, donated others to charity shops but unfortunately I had to take quite a few to the recycling centre 😦 I had lots of books from when I studied Portuguese literature and even though they might have been useful for someone else the cost of shipping them to Portugal to be donated made it unfeasible.

   Parting with books, even ones of subjects I didn´t like, and books that I know realistically I will not open again, was extremely hard. I felt sad, empty and as though I was committing some sort of sacrilege. I know this is absolutely silly however I just feel that those books were part of an important time in my life and they somehow became part of the person I am today.

   I am still taking lots of books with me, books that I cannot part from, books that remind me of all that I have lived! I love to have them in shelves in my living room, and look at them whenever I sit down on the sofa to relax; in my bedside table a pile will keep me company throughout the night, and in the study there will always be something to browse through while I wait for an internet page to load or for the printer to print.

   I might live a “lighter” life if I didn´t take my books everywhere I go, but I most certainly would not live such a fulfilling one 😉