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Paleo café




Paleo diet is one of the new trends.  I haven’t research much about it but basically it eliminates anything that is processed and could not be found in nature.  In a simplistic view we should not be eating anything that our grandparents would not recognise as food!
When I heard that they had opened a Paleo Café in Paddington,  one of my favourites suburbs in Brisbane,  I knew it was time to try it out 🙂 And what a great excuse to meet some friends over breakfast and catch up!
The service was not great but the food was delicious! I liked the concept  the fact that you can buy lots of ingredients and even books about this lifestyle in the one place.
I love trying new things 🙂


Jellyfish Restaurant


It was hubbie’s b-day on the 23rd. What better way to celebrate than discover another one of Brisbane’s best restaurants. This time we went to Jellyfish in Eagle Street Pier. The location is prime and the view of the bridge, lighted up at night, is a plus that compliments a beautiful meal.

We first heard of this restaurant in Masterchef The Professionals, as one of the contestants, Rhett Willis, (2nd place), was the head-chef there. I am not entirely sure if he is still is…

But it was not the celebrity factor that made us want to try the restaurant but rather their fish menu. They have at least 6-8 different types of fish daily and they are renowned for their freshness.


We both love seafood and we were not disappointed. Not only to fish was fresh and perfectly cooked but everything else was superb. The side dishes and desserts were awesome. The service was impeccable and the waiters were professional and polite without being stuck up .


All in all, it was a perfect dinner date and I truly recommend it to the seafood lovers out there.

Nice beef roll at the butcher´s




2014-03-06 19.07.57

The Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is undergoing a redevelopment and some new and exciting stores have opened up recently. My favourite part is definitely the Gourmet Fresh precinct on level 1. There you can find several new stores which include an amazing fruit and vegetable store, a butcher, a fish monger, an Asian grocer, specialty coffee shops and more.

The butchery Cabassi &Co, Artisans apart from selling gorgeous produce also cooks the meat and serves up some amazing rolls. You can get hamburgers, pork, lamb and beef rolls as well as breakfast options. The other day, after shopping for groceries, we decided to have a Wagyu Beef Roll and it was delicious 😀 The meat was tender and juicy, the roll was fresh and the gravy was rich and full of flavour. I really recommend it to anyone visiting the shopping mall.


Roma Street Parklands



Brisbane is a city full of parks! In every small neighbourhood there is bound to be a park where you can go for a run, walk your dog, sit on the grass and just relax. Most of them have free BBQs that anyone can use and therefore it is quite common for people to meet up by one and enjoy an outdoors meal.





Roma Park is the heart of the CBD and it is one of my favourites. Apart from finding nice BBQ areas, you can also find lovely spots for photos, you can feed the ducks, marvel at most amazing flowers, and fall asleep to the sound of the lorikeets and kookaburras.

Even though the busy roads of the city are near and the train tracks are so close by, you can definitely take a break from the chaos when you let yourself be taken in by the magic of this park



 This park should be in your list of places to visit in Brisbane 🙂

Delicious burgers


Fab – The Barracks, Brisbane

Most of us love a good burger but that is not always easy to find. We have tried a couple of places in Brisbane and have found our favourite spot: Fab, Fish and Burger Grill. We have tried some different things on the menu and they were all delicious.

Fab is located in The Barracks which is where the old police stables and communication centres used to be. There are plenty of shops around, and even a cinema, so you can definitely get some shopping done and then have your “dinner and movie” date ;-p


Burger Royale

Just to get your taste buds salivating here is a picture of one of the burgers that I suggest you try!

Brisbane Markets



Australia is not cheap. Going out to eat at a café or restaurant is expensive and so is the grocery bill at the end of each week. There are two major supermarkets chains (Wooloworths and Coles) and their prices are not that competitive. I usually shop at both as each have different things that appeal to me.

2013-09-21 11.33.16



But if you want to buy good quality fruit and vegetables at very appealing prices you should definitely head to the Brisbane Markets, in Rocklea, on Saturday mornings.  You can also buy fresh bread, cupcakes, speciality sauces, nuts, eggs, cured and fresh meats, etc.

2013-09-21 11.33.24

There are also plenty of places to have coffee and snacks. I even found a stall of Dutch poffertjes which reminded me of the time I spent in The Netherlands. In these stalls you can also find some very interesting international foods so enjoy a nice breakfast, brunch or lunch ;-p

2013-09-21 11.55.43


Across the street you can find the Flower Market, which is open everyday. If you want to buy someone a nice gift this is the place to go! There are many options and though flowers are quite expensive you can find nice arrangements for a reasonable price. I bought a nice orchid which is still sitting pretty by the window.

2013-09-28 12.06.20

Brisbane Festival – Riverfire


Riverfire – Southbank

At the start and end of the Brisbane Festival there is always a massive show of fireworks, music, and lights known as the Riverfire. We did not want to miss it so we headed to one of the busiest vantage points in Southbank. It was super crowded but the show was definitely worth it and the crowd was calm and well-behaved ;-p

I loved watching the fireworks being launched from the tall buildings in the CBD and seeing the whole city come to life! And this time, I was camera-ready!


Riverfire – Southbank


Riverfire – Southbank


Riverfire – Southbank


Riverfire – Southbank

Next time, we will try Kangaroo Point Cliffs as you get a great view from the bridge and it is not as crowded…