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So true…




“Home is where the heart is”

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I have read a rather interesting account of a fellow expat in the InterNations website (link below) regarding the “Double Life of an expat” and I could related to her feelings well.

When living abroad there is a part of you that always seems out-of-place. You don´t really belong in your new country, as you feel different in so many ways, but you no longer fit in at home either because you have changed so much due to your new experiences.

At times this can be a difficult thing and even hard to accept. You struggle to get used to new habits, schedules, weather conditions, etc . while, at the same time, things are continuously changing back home which means that every time you return you´ll feel out of touch with the reality that used to be yours.

However, this expat experience is truly enriching and should be seen as a magnificent opportunity and a blessing. We get to feel understand and be part of two different worlds.

As Emily put it: We get the best of both – the enjoyment of a new culture and lifestyle, and the promise that our native countries will always be there when we go back, even for a short while. For every expat, visiting our native countries evokes some strange, nostalgic emotions, but for me, at least, visiting ‘home’ made me rethink the definition of the word. As expats, we either have no home, or two – and it’s up to us to decide which way we prefer.




Time is constantly moving and even though the hands on the clock move always at the same pace, we do not experience it in such a linear manner. Sometimes, we feel time flying because so much is happening at one given moment. I certainly felt that way, recently, with the big move down under 😉

But then there are others periods in our lives when time just seems to stand still. It is like our live is temporarily suspended and time freezes in the same frequency where nothing changes or happens. In my experience that usually happens after a big change. After arriving in Australia, finding a place to live and starting to settle down, I felt that way. It was like for a while days became an automatic succession of themselves, without any challenge or novelty. I don´t consider myself an adrenalin junkie but I must admit that I get bored if nothing much happens…

Since the New Year though, it has been like time has resumed to its normal rhythm  and the new is being introduced slowly in the routine. Our stuff has finally arrived from overseas which means that there is plenty of unpacking and organising to do around the house. I have actively started the job hunt and the amount of adverts and responses has increased substantially. Plans for the near future are being defined and streamlined. Social activities are upcoming.

They say that time heals everything… I truly believe that time is wise and knows what you need in each moment of your life 🙂

Hello world :D



So it is 21.12.12 down under and the end of the world is not yet upon us ;-p

I always find it interesting how people are influenced by media and gullible to the point of believing in theories that have no scientific basis whatsoever. Maybe, I am too rational and that is my lost, maybe I have become too cynical with age, but to prepare for doomsday because of a literal interpretation of an ancient calendar seems ridiculous to me!

Oh well, the truth is people still celebrate the 25th of December as the birth of a baby from a virgin mother… so maybe I am the one of no faith who has the lost the magic of believing…

Either way the sun is shining and the city outside is calling out for me! Tomorrow, we are leaving to Sydney, where we will spend the holiday season with very dear friends, and there is still some things to get ready. So enjoy life and this amazing world of ours that should be cherished every single day 🙂