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2014-09-06 01.44.54

I have been neglecting this blog and feel terrible about it 😦

The truth is that at first I was consumed by my upcoming trip to Lisbon. There was a lot of anxiety in the preparations, so many things I wanted to do, places to visit, people to see… A part of me was also very apprehensive as I had never been away for so long and I was worried what I would find…

While there, time just flew! I did not manage to do all the things I wanted, visit all the places I had planned or see everyone… I never do! It was awesome to be back but I must confess that I did not feel like I was home, not really…. I mean, Lisbon will always be HOME in my heart, and it will always be MY city, however I cannot imagine being there permanently and living there again. My routines, my house, and work are elsewhere and that makes me a foreigner, watching the city´s commotion from afar.

When I came back, it took me about 2 weeks to get over the jetlag and sometime to process all the thoughts, emotions, and experiences lived in those short 3 weeks…

Here are some pictures of my beautiful Lisbon 🙂

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It is wonderful to be able to see my city through the eyes of a tourist, in a way that I was never able to see it when I lived there!

It is wonderful to be able to feel at home in different places!

It is amazing to have the opportunity to have lived, and live, abroad!


The Gilded Cage




I was extremely excited when I found out that this Portuguese movie was going to come to Australian cinemas. I had been wanting to see it forever and I finally got the chance 🙂

It tells the story of Portuguese immigrants that moved to France over 30 years ago. It is a very fair portrait of this part of our society and though it makes you laugh it is not condescending in any way.

Being an immigrant myself, and away from the place I used to call home for the past 7 years, I couldn´t help to think about how your sense of belonging changes when you live abroad. I will always be Portuguese, my culture still dictates my personality and my values but I no longer really feel at home when I go back. There is so much I do differently, there is so much I find strange, there is so much that has changed and so much that has remained unaltered.

The Gilded Cage is still showing at Palace Cinemas and I truly recommend it! You will find it funny whether you can relate or not to the cultural and social idiocracies.

My city



Lisbon will always be my special city! It’s the city where I spent my childhood, where I grew up and went to school, where I met the most special people in my life. The city has a unique atmosphere, its colours and light are like no other, and as such it is even often described by poets and singers as a sensual woman.
But more importantly is how Lisbon makes my heart beat and how it makes me smile! This is in no small part due to my people (friends and family alike!) who make me feel welcome and who always have a warm embrace upon my arrival 🙂
Back in the UK, I have temporarily left the stress of the move and a couple of errands that need doing before our flight to OZ. Here I intend to enjoy myself, spend quality time with the ones I love, and fill my heart with the ever warm and great memories that always keep me going when times get tough.