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Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. We had loved Moreton and Straddie so Fraser had to be next on our list. We decided that it would be best to take a tour to see the island at first as we could always return on our own if we enjoyed it.

It was a good choice as you must have some experience driving in treacherous sand roads as there are no are other roads types on the island.

On the first day, we started with a walk in the rainforest, which is quite impressive since all the plants grow on sand. Remember the plants from Jurassic Park?! They can be found here!




Then we stopped for a dip in Lake McKenzie. This lake is only composed of raindrops. The water is filtered by the sand and takes 100 years to come to surface. The water is pure and crystal clear 🙂


Driving through 75 Mile Beach is breathtaking. The beach is endless and for the most part you see no one else around. It is quite an experience in itself. The next morning, we were lucky to spot some dingoes though 🙂


The Pinnacles is one of the main attractions on the island as they have been formed naturally by sand. They might look like rock but they are nothing but sand!



Another attraction is the ship wreck which sunk in Fraser for over 60 years.


Further ahead, you can find Eli Creek where you can literally let yourself float down the creek. Again, the water is so pure that you can drink it! The water is cold but after the first round, you will be sure to come back for more.



Getting to Lake Wabby can be an adventure in itself, especially if it is sunny and hot. There is no way to hide and you have to go down a sand dune. My advice, take closed shoes because the sand will really burn your foot soles!!! But the lake itself is quite amazing!




The island is a pretty special place but there are too many tour operators in 4×4 or even buses around. It feels a bit commercial but we were very lucky with the group that we were in. Everyone was really nice and we had a some good laughs. We even had roasted marshmallows by the campfire at night so all the boxes were ticked.

If you are in the Brisbane area it is definitely a place to visit 🙂





2014-09-06 01.44.54

I have been neglecting this blog and feel terrible about it 😦

The truth is that at first I was consumed by my upcoming trip to Lisbon. There was a lot of anxiety in the preparations, so many things I wanted to do, places to visit, people to see… A part of me was also very apprehensive as I had never been away for so long and I was worried what I would find…

While there, time just flew! I did not manage to do all the things I wanted, visit all the places I had planned or see everyone… I never do! It was awesome to be back but I must confess that I did not feel like I was home, not really…. I mean, Lisbon will always be HOME in my heart, and it will always be MY city, however I cannot imagine being there permanently and living there again. My routines, my house, and work are elsewhere and that makes me a foreigner, watching the city´s commotion from afar.

When I came back, it took me about 2 weeks to get over the jetlag and sometime to process all the thoughts, emotions, and experiences lived in those short 3 weeks…

Here are some pictures of my beautiful Lisbon 🙂

2014-09-06 01.46.53

2014-09-06 02.15.46

2014-09-10 04.49.23








It is wonderful to be able to see my city through the eyes of a tourist, in a way that I was never able to see it when I lived there!

It is wonderful to be able to feel at home in different places!

It is amazing to have the opportunity to have lived, and live, abroad!




Last weekend we went camping for the first time since we have been in Australia. I must confess that I was a bit apprehensive because of the native bugs and venomous spiders but it was actually good fun and we surely expect to repeat it soon.

The invite came from some friends and we ended up being a group of 19 adults and 6 kids in total! We got together for meals at the camping kitchen and some of us ended up meeting at the beach or around Noosa Heads.


Main Beach, Noosa Heads

We had not yet been to Noosa so it was a great opportunity for some sight-seeing and driving around. Noosa beaches, though great for swimming, are also great for longboard surfing. The town has a great atmosphere and definitely walking around you get the feeling that this is the kind of place that makes you feel that you´re on holidays everyday.
DSC_3267From the town you can walk to Noosa National Park with the sea and the beach at your side. The views are breathtaking!


DSC_3283We did spent some happy moments simply observing the talented surfers while we sat beneath a shady tree 🙂




DSC_3299Once you get to the National Park there are plenty of trails that you can choose from. Keep looking up because, if you´re lucky, you might spot some wild koalas up on the eucalyptus trees.

If you are in Noosa on a Saturday morning be sure to check out the Eumundi Markets. They´re really worth the 20 minute drive! Also, on the way back home you should stop at the Nutworks, in Yandina, and have one their magnificent macadamia ice-creams 😉



Moreton Island


Just a 75 minutes boat ride away from Brisbane you will find the third biggest sand island: Moreton. It is a beautiful and peaceful place for a relaxing getaway.



We stayed at the Tangalooma Island Resort, the only resort in the island, but there are plenty of camping options for the more adventurous. The resort has lots of free activities, two pools, BBQ areas, restaurants, a shop and all you will need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There are also plenty of paid activities that you can choose from, anything from helicopter rides, snorkeling, quad bikes and parasailing, etc.



We decided to do an island tour on a 4WD. As Moreton is a sand island only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the island. It was the first time that I was in a jeep driving at 60 km/h down a breathtaking sandy beach. The experience was amazing and you don´t want to blink for a second as you want to take it all in.


The Blue Lagoon is one of the “must visit” spots in the island and it is easy to see why. This peaceful stretch of water is a perfect place to take a dip and just enjoy nature. The lagoon is surrounded by tea trees so the water has great rejuvenating qualities and it is perfect to clean your silver jewellery.



At Cape Moreton you have an amazing view of the island, the surrounding sea and the land nearby, like the Glass House Mountains, and Bribie Island. It is quite windy on top so you better hang on to your hats and cameras tightly 😉



The north  side of the island offers great spots, such as the Champagne Pools and Honeymoon Bay, but the sea is a bit more treacherous and you should always be careful. Also, when driving to these areas it is imperative that you understand the tides as you might get stuck there for a couple of hours if you don´t plan your trip correctly.



Well, I love animals and therefore wildlife will always make any trip immensely more interesting. This time we got to watch and participate in many feeding sessions, which I really enjoyed!






One of the great attractions to Tangalooma is this family of wild dolphins that comes to shore every evening to be hand fed. The story of these animals and the way they came to visit the beach is quite amazing. I felt extremely blessed to be able to get into the water and feed these amazing creatures!



The sunset on the island was also a special time. Its colours were imprinted in our eyes and mind and we can´t wait to get back there 😀

Byron Bay and surrounding villages


Byron Bay – Lighthouse

To celebrate our one year in Australia we went down to Byron Bay for a long weekend.

I have wanted to visit it even before we moved here! When we drove to Sydney last Xmas we did not have an opportunity to explore the village as it was raining hard and non-stop, so we only saw a bit of the main street and had some breakfast at a nice cafe. Then some friends organised a camping trip that ended up coinciding with the date of our house move so no fun for us.

So this time we took the time to immerse ourselves in its atmosphere, discover its beautiful beaches, its amazing cafes, funky shops and of course eat as many cookies as we could 🙂


Byron Bay – Lighthouse


Byron Bay – Lighthouse

It was rather windy so it wasn´t a great weather to just relax on the beach (I hate being hit by sand). The beaches are very popular amongst surfers and windsurfers. In Byron you constantly have that holiday feeling and it definitely made up for the wind!


Byron Bay – Main Beach


Byron Bay – Belongil Beach


Byron Bay – Clarkes Beach


Byron Bay – Clarkes Beach


Byron Bay – Tallow Beach (Cosy Corner)

On our last day, we decided to do a couple detours before heading back to Brisbane. We first went to the Lennox Head Market, which is very close by. The market is held near the Lake Ainsworth which is surrounded by tea trees. It is said that bathing in this river can have you looking younger and healthier ;-p


Lennox Head – Lake Ainsworth

We were also very lucky that it was the right Sunday to visit The Channon Craft Market. There are many tents with clothes, jewelry, hand-made products and several places to eat. There is also a Chai Tent in the middle where people just chill and sit back on major pillows. There was music playing and people dancing like nobody was watching.


The Channon Craft Market

Our last stop was Nimbin, the hippest town in the surrounding area. I was extremely curious to visit the museum and I must confess that I was not disappointed. It is the wackiest place you can imagine and well worth the visit.


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum


Nimbin Museum

Bribie Island


Surf Beach

On our Easter break, we wanted to relax and get to know a new spot near Brisbane. The choice was therefore Bribie Island. I first heard of Bribie because one of my friend´s mum lives there and we were curious about it.


Sylvian Beach

It´s the perfect place to relax, and a great place if you´re into water sports or fishing. You can easily hire a boat and set off into the sunset 🙂


Sunset Cruise

We actually went on a cruise and even though we did not get the chance to see dolphins or dugongs, we had lots of fun and watched an amazing sunset.


Avon Lodge

We stayed at a really nice Bed and Breakfast which had a very Balinese vibe and proved to be the perfect place to unwind.


Red Beach

We could tell that the island had been hit hard by the recent floods and in some places you can still witness the devastation.

Overall, it was a really great experience. I did not feel that the island was “paradise like” but it was a perfect place for us to leave our troubles behind, relax, enjoy each other´s company, read, watch some TV and have fun 🙂