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Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. We had loved Moreton and Straddie so Fraser had to be next on our list. We decided that it would be best to take a tour to see the island at first as we could always return on our own if we enjoyed it.

It was a good choice as you must have some experience driving in treacherous sand roads as there are no are other roads types on the island.

On the first day, we started with a walk in the rainforest, which is quite impressive since all the plants grow on sand. Remember the plants from Jurassic Park?! They can be found here!




Then we stopped for a dip in Lake McKenzie. This lake is only composed of raindrops. The water is filtered by the sand and takes 100 years to come to surface. The water is pure and crystal clear 🙂


Driving through 75 Mile Beach is breathtaking. The beach is endless and for the most part you see no one else around. It is quite an experience in itself. The next morning, we were lucky to spot some dingoes though 🙂


The Pinnacles is one of the main attractions on the island as they have been formed naturally by sand. They might look like rock but they are nothing but sand!



Another attraction is the ship wreck which sunk in Fraser for over 60 years.


Further ahead, you can find Eli Creek where you can literally let yourself float down the creek. Again, the water is so pure that you can drink it! The water is cold but after the first round, you will be sure to come back for more.



Getting to Lake Wabby can be an adventure in itself, especially if it is sunny and hot. There is no way to hide and you have to go down a sand dune. My advice, take closed shoes because the sand will really burn your foot soles!!! But the lake itself is quite amazing!




The island is a pretty special place but there are too many tour operators in 4×4 or even buses around. It feels a bit commercial but we were very lucky with the group that we were in. Everyone was really nice and we had a some good laughs. We even had roasted marshmallows by the campfire at night so all the boxes were ticked.

If you are in the Brisbane area it is definitely a place to visit 🙂


Underwater World – Mooloolaba


We had already visited Sealife in Sydney, when we came to Australia on holidays, and so were not very curious about the one on our doorstep. However, when our friends were here, from the UK, they decided that it would be something fun to do and invited me to tag along. I am so glad they did!!!

As we went during the week, we got a great deal on the entry ($15) and it was extremely quiet so we were able to spend as much time as we liked watching the fishies. Also, we did not have to worry about avoiding other people, tourist and the like, that can sometimes run your experience as you get frazzled with all the commotion.

DSC_2951You could actually touch these little guys. They are velvety smooth 😉

DSC_2964And there was Nemo again…


DSC_2993There is a daily seal show which is not to be missed. They show their amazing skills and the trainer even explains how he trains them. They are such smart and gorgeous creatures!


DSC_2985This little (not so little…) guy was called Oscar. I don´t understand much about fish, so do not ask me what species it is, but I did find its colours quite interesting.

DSC_3005The jelly fish exhibition is amazing! The environment has been carefully thought to give emphasis to their grace and beauty. You can play with the colours in the tank which makes the whole visit interactive.

DSC_3048Impressive stingray! Looking at it I could not help but think of the tragic death of Steve Irwin. It just reminds you that though beautiful, these are wild, potentially deadly, animals and that one should never take that for granted.


DSC_3026I just love this picture of the monitors intertwined!

NMS_3037And no visit would be complete without the shark. It is amazing walking into a tunnel where you have sharks swimming peacefully above your head. And there is always someone who decides to hum the Jaws´ soundtrack while they do so.

Moreton Island


Just a 75 minutes boat ride away from Brisbane you will find the third biggest sand island: Moreton. It is a beautiful and peaceful place for a relaxing getaway.



We stayed at the Tangalooma Island Resort, the only resort in the island, but there are plenty of camping options for the more adventurous. The resort has lots of free activities, two pools, BBQ areas, restaurants, a shop and all you will need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There are also plenty of paid activities that you can choose from, anything from helicopter rides, snorkeling, quad bikes and parasailing, etc.



We decided to do an island tour on a 4WD. As Moreton is a sand island only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the island. It was the first time that I was in a jeep driving at 60 km/h down a breathtaking sandy beach. The experience was amazing and you don´t want to blink for a second as you want to take it all in.


The Blue Lagoon is one of the “must visit” spots in the island and it is easy to see why. This peaceful stretch of water is a perfect place to take a dip and just enjoy nature. The lagoon is surrounded by tea trees so the water has great rejuvenating qualities and it is perfect to clean your silver jewellery.



At Cape Moreton you have an amazing view of the island, the surrounding sea and the land nearby, like the Glass House Mountains, and Bribie Island. It is quite windy on top so you better hang on to your hats and cameras tightly 😉



The north  side of the island offers great spots, such as the Champagne Pools and Honeymoon Bay, but the sea is a bit more treacherous and you should always be careful. Also, when driving to these areas it is imperative that you understand the tides as you might get stuck there for a couple of hours if you don´t plan your trip correctly.



Well, I love animals and therefore wildlife will always make any trip immensely more interesting. This time we got to watch and participate in many feeding sessions, which I really enjoyed!






One of the great attractions to Tangalooma is this family of wild dolphins that comes to shore every evening to be hand fed. The story of these animals and the way they came to visit the beach is quite amazing. I felt extremely blessed to be able to get into the water and feed these amazing creatures!



The sunset on the island was also a special time. Its colours were imprinted in our eyes and mind and we can´t wait to get back there 😀

Lone Pile Koala Sanctuary



One of the first things that people thing about when they hear the word “Australia” is koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife. Some actually believe that they just walk around cities, without a care in the world, which always makes me laugh 😉


Barking Owl

Last weekend, we decided to enjoy the lovely warm and sunny winter day and went to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is actually about 15 minutes from our house.


Famous “Roo”

As the name indicates it is a koala sanctuary and you can visit so many of these funny looking creatures. You actually start to realise how different they actually look…


Sweet, fluffy Koala

But there are also some other native species very interesting and less renowned. They even have sheep and sheepdogs and a few demonstrations during the day of the work they do on Australian farms.



I love animals, except reptiles and snakes, I must confess, so I always have loads of fun in places like this. I always take loads of photos, talk to all animals and love to observe them.



I like to hear the guides and learn new things about each of the species and what makes them special and interesting.


Tasmanian Devil

But the great surprise of the day is that I got to see the platypus, two actually, for the first time ever! They are not easy to spot as they are very shy and even in tanks in captivity you are not always able to see them. This time, I was very lucky and got to see them swim. I was able to sit back and admire these amazing creatures!!!



I have finally found my platypus 😉

Aussie Wildlife



When I first came to Australia, I was terrified about the bugs, reptiles, frogs, snakes, etc. People kept telling me to bang my shoes every morning because of red back spiders, to be careful when touching outdoor furniture, etc.
Since we actually live in a very urban area, we haven’t had any issues. I have found several geckos in parks but they are pretty harmless and just sit still (the photo was taken at night, hence the poor quality…).

However, the other day I went for a stroll along the river and all of a sudden something that looked like a huge rat crossed my path… I immediately stopped in my tracks, horrified… It turned out to be a possum!!! Well, we don’t have these in Europe 😉