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Seven Bridges Walk


Every year the Cancer Council organises the 7 Bridges Walk around Sydney. This is a great way not only to support a great cause, raise awareness, and fundraise, but also to discover some beautiful areas of the city.

You can start from any point and if you complete the whole course you will cross all 7 bridges, a total of 27 kms. Should you feel tired, or only want to do some sections, there are special buses, clock and anti-clockwise, stopping at all village points, that can drop you at your starting point.

We felt brave and departed from Rozelle bright and early with the goal to complete the whole circuit. And mission accomplished 🙂

The day was beautiful, the sky was blue, it was warm but there was a light breeze which made it just perfect!

We walked through lots of areas that we would generally not do and that was pretty amazing. The views were lovely and it was awesome to cross some of the bridges, that we generally just drive through, on foot, such as the Harbour Bridge.

There were lots of participants but I felt that most people faced the whole experience as a race as opposed to a relaxing walk of discovery, which was a bit disappointing. We did not get the opportunity to speak much to other participants, which I felt was a shame as we were all sharing a pretty amazing experience.

The last 5 kms were hard and the following day walking took some effort… but it was definitely worth it 🙂

2015-10-25 08.29.41

Iron Cove Bridge

2015-10-25 09.39.48

Grove Creek Reserve

2015-10-25 09.47.45

Grove Creek Reserve


Millsons Point – View of the Harbour Bridge


View of the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge


Pyrmont Bridge


View of the Anzac Bridge from Johnstons Bay


Anzac Bridge


Anzac Bridge