Brekkie @ The Grounds




Meeting friends for brekkie is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend. It is a very Aussie habit that we’ve happily taken on, as we love eating breakfast.

There are many cafes in the city that serve amazing food and it is always a great experience to discover new places, with innovative menus, that use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, that serve great coffee and that offer a good atmosphere.

With this is mind, we really wanted to try The Grounds as their reputation is quite good. The wait for a table is always long so we designed a “clever technique” where one of our friends, who lives close by, went there early to get a token and then called us to advise how long the wait was. We then left home just in time to arrive when they were calling out our table 😉

The atmosphere is good, the decor is amazing and the space itself is very nice with different sitting areas. They even have pigs, chooks and goats that you can pet. The service, however, was very poor! We had several issues with our order and the several waiters that served us were confused and were not really well-informed about menu. My food was actually quite yummy (above pic) but that was not the case for everyone which was quite disappointing.

With so many great places in the city, I don’t think that I will be going back anytime soon.

It is so sad when nice places just let their standards drop, either because they can’t cope with the influx of customers, or they simply rely on their notoriety and slack off when it comes to service… Either way, I know that what keeps me loyal to a business is not only the quality of their products but mainly the quality of their service. As such, I can truly say that The Grounds have not succeeded in deserving my custom…


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