Monthly Archives: January 2013

Crazy tropical weather


The recent floods in Queensland and New South Wales have been all over the news. Luckily, we were not affected and stayed safe and dry but I must say that it is quite scary. We stayed indoors but were spooked by the non-stopping rain, the strong winds and the news updates on the tv. Never in my life had I witness such a long rain fall, it rained non-stop for three days!!! On Sunday, there was literally no stop, not even for a few minutes…


How lucky was this neighbour? The tree missed his car by this much ;-p


On Monday, when we went out we saw a lot of fallen trees, debris floating in the very swollen river, sand bags by people´s houses and it made think again how impotent we are in the face of mother nature. In the three months that we´ve been living here, we have already witnessed some crazy storms (which I hate…), have been on alert for bush fires (which have burnt a great part of Queensland and especially Tasmania), and now floods.

I guess we can´t always have beach like weather 😉


Australia Day




I was really looking forward to our first ever Australia day! The plan was a typical Aussie barbie with the hubbie´s colleagues from work. Unfortunately the weather had other plans for us 😦

It has been raining non-stop since yesterday and there was the possibility of flash floods in the city. We ended up spending the day at home, watching our favourite tv shows and organising a few things around the house. Now, “Australia” (the movie) is on channel 10 and we are re-watching it with a brand new appreciation.

The rain will continue until Tuesday and there are still severe weather alerts, so I reckon we will have a pretty relaxing weekend 😉

MasterChef Mania




I have been a major fan of MasterChef Australia since the beginning! I have even watched the Junior MasterChef 😉

I love the challenges, the master classes, the adrenalin and, most of all, the beautiful food that invades our screen each and every time. Therefore, when I saw the presentation of MasterChef: The Professionals, with Marco Pierre White, I started counting the days for the premiere.

It did not disappoint! I loved the first three episodes, the challenges, and most of all the terrifying yet inspiring Marco. He is my new food crush!!!

Two chefs down, fifteen more to go…




Time is constantly moving and even though the hands on the clock move always at the same pace, we do not experience it in such a linear manner. Sometimes, we feel time flying because so much is happening at one given moment. I certainly felt that way, recently, with the big move down under 😉

But then there are others periods in our lives when time just seems to stand still. It is like our live is temporarily suspended and time freezes in the same frequency where nothing changes or happens. In my experience that usually happens after a big change. After arriving in Australia, finding a place to live and starting to settle down, I felt that way. It was like for a while days became an automatic succession of themselves, without any challenge or novelty. I don´t consider myself an adrenalin junkie but I must admit that I get bored if nothing much happens…

Since the New Year though, it has been like time has resumed to its normal rhythm  and the new is being introduced slowly in the routine. Our stuff has finally arrived from overseas which means that there is plenty of unpacking and organising to do around the house. I have actively started the job hunt and the amount of adverts and responses has increased substantially. Plans for the near future are being defined and streamlined. Social activities are upcoming.

They say that time heals everything… I truly believe that time is wise and knows what you need in each moment of your life 🙂